University in Millau: the focus will be on the well-being of students

University in Millau: the focus will be on the well-being of students

The 300 young people trained in higher education at Millau are welcomed throughout the month.

IWe have to be able to offer a pleasant environment for our students. Séverine Peyretout, delegated adviser for higher education at the Community of Millau Grands Causses municipalities has understood this well. In a small area of ​​population like the millavois, to be attractive, you have to pamper the reception of students.

To do this, together with her team, she is trying to develop the offer made available. The latest measure, the establishment of two free activities each month. “We obtained the approval of the Crous which was favorable to this project”, says Séverine Peyretout. Conferences, sporting and cultural outings will therefore be offered to students in the city.

In the same way, the elected representative wishes to highlight the Crous accommodation in the glove city. “They are not well known, I still get asked the question about the offer that we can offer to students in terms of accommodation when we have a dedicated residence”, she specifies. The 24 apartments are located rue du Jumel, in premises adjoining the Hôtel-Dieu, for rent between 320 and 350 €. “In addition, they are rarely complete”adds Élodie Alinat, project manager for higher education at the community of communes.

With three full classes of 70 students each, training at the Institute of Nursing (Ifsi) continues to be the most popular in Millau. In addition, there are two BTS offered at the Jean-Vigo high school in the field of accounting and business management, which accommodate around thirty people. “We also have around fifteen students at the CCI, ten learners at the Connected Campus and for the moment seven who are following the license 3 course in tourism and nature sport project management”says Élodie Alinat.

A total of nearly 300 students, which rises to just over 500 by integrating the BPJEPS, trainees from the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Cnam) or even nursing assistant training. Courses not officially considered as part of higher education, although they constitute an apprenticeship after obtaining the baccalaureate.

As for the problems of student precariousness, the elected representative wishes to present certain reductions offered to the Millavois. “City bus subscriptions are free, preferential rates are set up with the swimming pool, cinema, etc.” Also for this new school year, a Facebook and Instagram page student at Millau was opened, with the aim of relaying various information such as job offers for students, or accommodation. Next objective, to conclude agreements with traders, in order to “provide interesting offers”.

Integration day on September 20

In order to promote cohesion between the different students of the city, sometimes dispersed between several sites, an afternoon of integration will be offered to the first years of the training provided in Millau. “This is part of the objective of creating a student spirit”, adds Élodie Alinat. To do this, meet on September 20 at 2 p.m. at the Roc et canyon base for a discovery rally leading to several places in the city. Then, go to the museum for a discovery of the place, before joining its terrace where a buffet will be offered to the participants, all animated by a local DJ. The most revelers will then be invited to Okfé to end the evening in style. “It’s open to all learners in the city, we’re counting on the presence of 150 people”says Séverine Peyretout.