This is the best day to start an effective diet

This is the best day to start an effective diet

When we are in a weight loss logic, it is important to ensure that you have a healthy, low-calorie diet to promote weight loss. But before you start, you have to take into account an important criterion: the start date of your diet.

What day of the week to start a diet?

Do you want to shed a few pounds that you consider superfluous? Have you already started to intensify your cardio sessions, but nothing helps, they cling to your hips despite your efforts to limit your chocolate consumption? You may therefore intend to start a food balanceor diet.

But be careful, before throwing away your packets of cakes and filling your fridge with leeks, look at your calendar. In fact, to give a regime the best possible chance of working, it is ideal to start on Monday. And the best is to choose a Monday at the beginning of the month.

Why should you start a diet on Monday?

On the one hand there is the psychological effect, Monday is the first day of the week, so it is the perfect day to get off to a positive start and make a change.

There is also the physiological effect. Starting your food rebalancing or diet on Monday guarantees you several days without temptations (unless you have three dinners at restaurants in the week). This gives your body time to start get rid of carbohydrates and fats which you probably consume in a little too large quantity and which you will have to reduce to have a balanced diet.

And if you have a weekend outing planned, you’ll be better prepared to resist. It’s less easy to break a diet that we have already taken seriously for 5 or 6 days, than a diet that we started the day before.

How to prepare for the start of your diet?

To start a diet effectively, there are several schools. Some like to shake up their habits overnight, others prefer to prepare for it. If you are one of them, take a few days to anticipate this great change. Shop for healthy, low-calorie foods, look at light recipes that would make you happy.

And treat yourself before D-Day. If you dream of a raclette, or a waffle, now is the time. Be careful, however, not to fall into the opposite excess by stuffing yourself for several days before starting your diet.

Because indeed, one of the conditions for a successful diet is to have a starting point and an objective, so it is important to weigh yourself or take your measurements on the first day. And after a week of feasting, not sure you like the result.