La picorée, des mini cakes hyperprotéinés vendus à Montpellier.

La Picorée in Montpellier sells high-protein mini cakes to fight malnutrition

The undernutrition is a disease which affects 2 million people in France. Mainly elderly or sick people. It results from insufficient nutritional intake in relation to the body’s energy expenditure. As a result, people lose weight and find it difficult to eat enough food to meet their needs, especially protein. La Picorée therefore offers high-protein mini cakes to snack on between meals. It is an alternative to fortified cooking or medication.

Interview with Pauline Renard, founder of La Picorée.

What is undernutrition?

It is a pathology that results from several factors: strong loss of weight and effort of appetite. It is the consequence of an imbalance in the body of the person between his nutritional needs and his nutritional intake.

And so, there are higher protein and calorie needs. It affects the elderly or sick people, such as people who have cancer, for example. It starts with a loss of weight, like a loss of appetite, and it can then develop into respiratory infections, falls, disorders at the cerebral level until death.

Concretely, how does the person suffering from undernutrition overcome this food concern?

If she has seen a doctor or a dietitian, often the recommendation is to try as much as possible.enrich their cooking at home. So add calories and protein to regain strength.

For example, if the person makes a puree, add fresh cream, butter, cheese to increase the protein and calorie intake. But it’s not always easy because if the person doesn’t have much of an appetite and you add butter or cheese, it can saturate the tastes and the texture.

If the person does not manage to enrich their daily cooking, there are oral nutritional supplements which are sold in pharmacies or distributed in healthcare establishments which are very effective and reimbursed. This is often in a high protein, high calorie drink format. But the problem is that there are still 50% of people who do not consume them because of a rather industrial and medicalized taste.

With Picorée and the high-protein mini cakes that you sell, do you provide a culinary alternative to these people?

Exactly. With Picorée, we position ourselves as a alternative between enriched home cooking and nutritional supplements oral. The person will be able to take mini cakes to supplement their protein and calorie intake for the day.

These are mini cakes that taste like? Are they any good?

That was the whole challenge of developing the product, it was to make high-protein and high-calorie snacks, so high-performance, which are reimbursed in the long term, but above all more greedy and more natural. And we can say today that we are the first gourmet and natural nutritional supplement.

It’s almost two years of research and development to achieve the same performance as current supplements, while having a taste equivalent to that of a vanilla/almond cake that you can buy on the market without smelling the protein taste.

And pecking all day, I imagine, given the name of the site?

That’s it, in fact, “La Picorée” it came directly from feedback from our patients, the elderly or people who have cancer with whom we worked on the construction of this offer. They said that during their day, they no longer eat three meals a day, but they peck as soon as they are a little hungry. The person can nibble, peck throughout the day mini cakes.

No need for a doctor’s prescription, you can go directly to the La Picorée website to buy them?

Absolutely. We have a network of prescribers, therefore of doctors, dietitians and pharmacists who will prescribe our products. But there is no refund behind. Otherwise you can actually buy them on our site. We are also present in two pharmacies: the Carrefour Trifontaine pharmacy in Saint-Clément-de-Rivière and that of the ring road in Sète et. And in medical equipment stores.

More information on the La Picorée website, by clicking here.