how to choose your company?

how to choose your company?

The importance of well-being at work no longer needs to be demonstrated, whether in terms of employee health or productivity. This issue, which has become major for companies, is also major for employees, many of whom seek above all a position in a company that takes it into account. But, between job promises and the reality on the ground, disappointments can occur. How best to choose your company to try to avoid them?

Written by Cecileon Sep 15, 2022, at 4:55 p.m.

long ignored, well-being at work is now a major challenge for companies, managers and employees alike. Recruiters also have every interest in cultivating it and highlighting it during job interviews, since many candidates now prioritize well-being at work, even before the amount of pay.

Why is corporate wellness important?

When we talk about well-being at work, what exactly are we talking about? According to the INRS (National Institute for Research and Security), this is ” an all-encompassing concept, broader in scope than the notions of physical and mental health “. A notion that is all the more important since the health crisis linked to Covid, the latter having led French employees to a need to refocus on their personal development and the meaning they give to their work.

Indeed, work is now no longer perceived as a means, even if restrictive, of earning a living, but above all as a factor of personal fulfillment which must be in accordance with our values ​​and our private imperatives. Nearly half of French employees believe that their daily well-being is strongly linked to the work they do and that this is a concept that companies must take into account.

The latter have also understood this well, with numerous studies carried out over several years demonstrating the benefits of well-being at work. Because, contrary to what one might think at first glance, feeling good while working is not synonymous with reduced productivity, quite the contrary. Well-being at work does not mean working less, but working better. It has also been proven that feeling good in the workplace builds employee loyalty, while strengthening their performance. Happy employees are thus more motivated, loyal, more creative and less absent, because notably less sick. According to a study conducted by the Chapman Institute, companies that value the well-being of their employees see their absenteeism rate drop by 25%.

Well-being at work is therefore a key issue for managers, which recruiters now highlight as a real asset during job interviews. For employees, how to make the difference between what is rhetoric and reality? Especially taking into account the opinions of other employees.

Choose your company taking into account the real opinions of employees

Very real opinions which are therefore a precious help in choosing a company, but which candidates may have a hard time collecting. Indeed, how do you get in touch with the employees of the company to which you are applying? Can we be sure of the honesty of the answers provided? Are employees really free to give their testimonies? Don’t they fear the consequences on their career?

That’s the whole point of business review portals like, which allows employees to testify anonymously about their employer. The opinions collected are therefore more objective than those that can be reported to future employees during the recruitment process. The platform, which collects many testimonials and opinions from renowned companies, operating in multiple sectors, even allows you to consult the ranking of the best-rated employers and the companies least well judged by their employees. Enough to get a real idea of ​​the importance given by each company to the well-being of its employeesin order to apply with real knowledge of the facts.

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