DomusVi France inaugurates its new medical residence specializing in Alzheimer's care

DomusVi France inaugurates its new medical residence specializing in Alzheimer’s care

Located in the heart of the town of Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt (95) 12 km from Paris and on the edge of the forest of
Montmorency, the new Le Pavillon des Arts medical residence, specializing in support
Alzheimer’s, opened its doors on December 9th.

A new residence as a symbol of openness

Can accommodate up to 90 residents, this new DomusVi establishment represents a symbol of openness thanks to multiple and spacious living spaces, numerous lounges and restaurants, relaxation and well-being areas but also exercises and treatments dedicated to supporting Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders. To adapt to different needs, the residence also offers a day care center with 10 places as well as permanent stays and short stays.

This residence was inaugurated this Thursday, September 15 in the presence of:

  • Dominique Da Silva, MP for Val d’Oise;
  • Sébastien Meurant, Senator of Val d’Oise;
  • Manuela Melo, Departmental Councilor in charge of seniors;
  • Nicolas Leleux, Mayor of Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt;
  • Léa Camus, Head of the Autonomy Department, Val d’Oise Departmental Delegation of the Regional Health Agency;
  • Tonny Abreu, Director of Operations France-East-Ile de France;
  • Emmanuelle Metzger, Regional Director;
  • Céline Vilocy, Director of the residence.

This new project has been designed around residents and their families and relies on experienced staff made up of a multidisciplinary team of 66 people, including 28 caregivers. To guarantee a preserved quality of life in a safe environment, thehe different spaces have been built around an essential red thread, the well-being of residents : luxury bright bedrooms, private bathrooms to facilitate autonomy and take into account disabilities, lounges close to the bedrooms to optimize conviviality, pleasant outdoor environments with trees, etc.

Units dedicated to the elderly

The property offers 2 Alzheimer’s living units suitable for people suffering from this disease or a related disorder. Non-drug therapies are developed through daily workshops, such as:

  • Tover Tafel technology : visual and interactive games to stimulate physical activity and social interactions and fight against apathy;
  • The Snoezelen areadedicated to relaxation and stimulation of the senses;
  • The Nymphéa space equipped with a flotation bed with hydromassage allowing rehabilitation and relaxation;
  • A re-education & rehabilitation center.

The philosophy of this new residence, around openness, embodies our desire to contribute to the well-being of the elderly by maintaining and developing an active social life. I would like to thank our partners and local elected officials as well as the administrative authorities and to congratulate all the staff and all the internal teams involved in the realization of this beautiful project.

Eric Eygasier, Managing Director DomusVi France

This new residence, designed around residents and in particular those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or a related disorder, offers innovative initiatives such as rich and complete paramedical support. Many technologies or initiatives have also been devised to stimulate physical or playful activity as well as their well-being thanks to warm and modern dedicated spaces.

Céline Vilocy, Director of the Résidence Le Pavillon des Arts in Saint-Brice-sous-Forêt