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a wind of freedom is blowing through the world of beauty

To meet the new demand from beauty professionals looking for more freedom, coworking spaces for hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, nail artists and tattoo artists are springing up in Paris and the provinces. At the same time, new applications offer to put them in contact with potential customers and places to welcome them.

They are called Le Lou, La Fabrica, Lib coworking, (in Paris), Derrière le armchair, in Marseille, Max Coarting, in Nantes, or Pampa, in Lyon: all these recently created places operate on the same principle. Those are coworking spaces for beauty and/or well-being professionals – hairdressers, beauticians, barbers, nail technicians (nail artists), tattoo artists, or even masseurs who practice freelance, often with self-employed status.

In a few years, several of these spaces have emerged in France, responding to the demand professionals looking for new modelsfar from the schedules imposed by a boss, or professional premises to manage when you are self-employed.

This concept of coworking for hairdressers or beauticians, which breaks traditional codes, has existed for a long time in the United States and the United Kingdom, but in France, it is still in its infancy.

However, it is well in tune with the times, as more and more people seek break away from traditional working modelswith fixed hours in a fixed place, and that entrepreneurship is on the rise, especially in the beauty sector.

Thus, in 2021, beauty care activities increased by 31% with 12,020 business creations, which places this sector in second position for the creation of craft activities in France last year.

See the Aladom article of June 20, 2022: Creation of craft businesses: a record in 2021, especially in rural municipalities and for personal services

Evidenced by the rise of home hairdressers or home beauticians who have chosen to practice outside the salon system for more freedom in their schedule, and for a privileged relationship with their clients and their families.

The transfer from wage labor to micro-entrepreneurship continues and the latter progresses to the detriment of traditional individual enterprise.

According to the National Union of Hairdressing Companies (Unec), the hairdressing sector alone has more than 26,000 micro-entrepreneurs, mainly hairdressers at home and also alone in salons, a figure which has exploded over the past ten years. ‘years., the benchmark for connecting professionals and individuals, offers online, in its beauty category thousands of advertisements for hairdressing at home, a beautician, massage, make-up, hair removal, hair extension, Brazilian straightening, a nail technician (nail artist) near your home.

See the Aladom article: Beautician at home: a profession in tune with the times.

Coworking spaces for hairdressers and beauticians: what are the advantages

Exercising in a coworking space allows you to take advantage advantages of an equipped place with waiting area, hairdressing and barber chairs, cabins, treatment tables, pedicure area, make-up station, manicure office, variable lighting, in premises in the city center…And this without having the disadvantages : the management of the premises, and all that this implies for a hairdressing salon or a beauty salon: maintenance, appliances that sometimes break down, towels to be cleaned, etc.

  • It also dispenses with bills water and electricity to be paid, as well as rent, property tax…Because the costs are included in the rental of the slot.

  • Slots are variable : by the hour, half-day, day, day package, week, month, with fixed rates, and without commitment. Some places are open in the evening, and on Sundays as well.

  • Time slot reservations are done online.

  • The turnover of each freelancer depends on the work he does, and what he charges his clients. It is therefore the freedom to work when you wantdepending on his family obligations, his other activities, focusing on his core business: getting a nice haircut, trimming a perfect beard, making your face look radiant, applying eyelash extensions, massaging, depilating your legs clients…

  • In addition, it also allows keep a social connection with other hairdressers, beauticians, masseurs, tattoo artists, nail artists in his city, and to exchange his experiences.

Will these places multiply quickly? Sébastien Chicot, the creator of Le Loup, in Paris, is convinced. In an article which has just appeared in Les Echos, he confides that he is preparing the deployment of his brand in the small towns of the country.

Dedicated applications for connecting hairdressers, beauticians and spaces for rent

At the same time, there are also developing dedicated appswhich connect owners of hair salons, beauty salons, nail bars, spas, renting time slots to freelancers in beauty and well-being.

In this case, hairdressers, barbers, make-up artists, angular freelance prosthetists work in a “classic” salon, alongside other freelancers like them, but also the owners of the premises and/or salaried employees.

Among these applications, let us mention the “BtoBtoC marketPlace” BeautyCab, which allows you to consult the announcements of workspaces according to your criteria: nature of the surface, geographical area, price, availability calendar… or even EscoBe (“esthetics, hairdressing and well-being”) which connects salons with available spaces, and self-employed people without a salon looking for a place, and customers.

For further :

See the article from Les Echos of September 13, 2022: Hairdressing: Le Loup invents coworking for the self-employed

A few hairdressing/beauty/wellness coworking spaces:

  • Paris 15th and 8th and soon Sedan: Le Loup for hairdressers, barbers, nail artists
  • Paris 9th: La Fabrica for freelance hairdressers
  • Paris 16th: Lib coworking for hairdressing, nail salon and beauty cabins for rent
  • Marseille: Behind the armchair for hairdressing, barber, tattoo, manicure, aesthetics and other compatible activities
  • Nantes: Max CoARTing, coworking space for hairdressers and well-being and beauty professionals
  • Lyon: Pampa coworking for hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, nail technicians, make-up artists, masseurs, osteopaths, dermographers, tattoo artists, acupuncturists, therapists, homeopaths, naturopaths.