Zoé moves to Pluvigner and takes her ponies on a funny adventure

Zoé moves to Pluvigner and takes her ponies on a funny adventure

Zoé and her ponies, Chouquette (right) and Cassiopée (left) ©La Gazette du center Morbihan.

Zoé Monbon, 19-year-old Guilliéroises, has been sharing her life for 4 years with his two ponies 10 and 22 years old. Chouquette, pony retired from breeding, blind in one eye and losing sight of her second and Cassiopée, 10-year-old double pony, asthmatic. Together, they work in freedom, play games, circus, walks and enjoy their retirement.

Everything on foot

And now Zoe meets lovebut how to reach it more than an hour and a half away without imposing all the travel stress has his two sidekicks who hate the van? No problem for Zoé Monbon who immediately finds the solution: go on a hike to Pluvigner!

I had time and the desire to share, to live an adventure with them.

It took a week of preparation and organization to perfect the itinerary. A map, a backpack, two buckets and two satchels and there they are, all three parts.

Thanks to social networks and the kindness of several people, Zoé and her ponies were able to make the trip by three stops to rest at night. The first, in an equestrian center and the other two in fields with private individuals charmed by the adventure of the young rider.

At everyone’s pace

sleep alone in nature was sometimes scary, but Zoé could count on her two partners who, despite the wide open spaces, preferred to sleep near her.

The days are punctuated by almost 30 kilometers walk. “We are three partners. We walked at a pace adapted to each one. At midday, they took a big lunch break.

As soon as I found a nice expanse of grass, we stopped for a few hours for them to eat.

To drink, Zoé Monbon identified bodies of water or rivers on the map, if the drought of the past weeks sometimes posed some setbacks, they lacked nothing thanks to the generosity of people in the villages. “People were very generous, offered water, cherry tomatoes, shelter.”

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104 kilometers!

Guilliers, Josselin, Guéhenno, Bignan, Moustoir-Ac, Bieuzy Lanvaux, Pluvigner, in all, our three hikers traveled 104 kilometers before reaching their corner of paradise. A great adventure that allowed the two ponies to build muscle, to stimulate themselves by meeting other horses and new landscapes. Now well settled in their new life, the three acolytes will be able to resume their fun on their 17 hectares of Pluvignoises grass.

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