Judith Fischer, Director of Preventive Medicine

Judith Fischer, Director of Preventive Medicine

  • Introduce yourself, what is your role within the University of Rouen Normandy?

I am a doctor and I direct the University Preventive Medicine service. I have a general training with a strong orientation towards prevention and therapeutic education since the beginning of my training. And at the URN, I organize the activities of the Preventive Medicine service which are intended for all students, whether they are from university or approved schools, in order to propose a public health policy to the university scale.

  • How do you find yourself Director of Preventive Medicine? What is your background ?

I practiced for more than ten years as a liberal and at the same time I did vacations in gynecology, especially in the Preventive Medicine department. So that’s how I found out about this activity, which I really enjoyed. It’s an area where you can practice medicine, where you can do a bit of care, but you can also have a more creative activity. This is the case for everything related to prevention. And that was something I really liked.

  • What is the role of Preventive Medicine within the URN? Who is she talking to ?

It is intended for all students who are registered at the university, for the entire duration of their studies, and for students from schools that have an agreement with us. The role of Preventive Medicine is first of all to be a relay, a place of welcome for students who have difficulties with their health and who will have an impact on their studies. These difficulties can be medical, affective, psychological, family, financial, material. Anything that can cause a person to be preoccupied with their situation due to difficulties and will have less time to devote to their studies.

  • What is the typical day for a Director of Preventive Medicine?

I travel quite a bit to meet colleagues because we have a lot of campuses. In particular, I go to the Evreux site where I do consultations. I also have consultations for extensions of entitlement to scholarships for health reasons, when students lose their scholarship because they missed a year due to a major health problem. Otherwise, the typical day generally includes meetings with the university’s internal and external partners such as the CROUS, the ARS, the Normandy Health Promotion, but also all the partners involved in the disability field. You should know that health promotion can have a very broad impact.

  • Is Preventive Medicine only a daily job or are there events to organize?

There must be both! There must be a daily consultation and reception activity for students. And there must also be preventive actions and a sometimes more eventful aspect with awareness-raising actions that we will focus on themes such as emotional and sexual life, festive life and well-being. And afterwards, there is also all the disability activity that we still have to point out, which is more and more provided and which keeps us busy.