Aurélien Pradié.

“It is better to be less known and not to be badly known”

the MP for Lot and Secretary General of the Les Républicains party Aurélien Pradié is a candidate for the presidency of his party. Aurélien Pradié was the guest of the morning of France Blue Occitania this Wednesday morning. The number 3 of the Les Républicains party explains his candidacy against the best known heads such as the deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes of Eric Ciotti and the president of the LR group in the Senate Bruno Retailleau.

Aurélien Pradié, do you really think you will win this election?

You know, when you have convictions, when you believe in things that are a little more important than you, a certain idea of ​​our country and then of the territories that have carried you for years. We are not afraid to defend our convictions. You would have asked me a few years ago if I would one day become a deputy for Lot, I think that I would have answered you the same thing and that you would have been just as skeptical. And yet, I was elected and re-elected in Lot, which is politically difficult land for my political family. There is nothing impossible when you believe in things. And then I will defend convictions in this internal electoral campaign. I think that is quite respectable.

There was this controversy this summer over monkeypox with some of your opponents accusing you of homophobia. Did this storm make you hesitate to introduce yourself?

No, she didn’t make me hesitate, not for a single second. For a very simple reason, it is that those who know me and those who know my political commitments know that there is nothing homophobic about me, of course. These are battles that I have fought for years. And above all, I will not give in to this kind of intellectual and political terrorism led by Sandrine Rousseau and her entire team, which consists of conducting inquisitions against each other, accusing everyone of everything and anything. It is so unbearable in my eyes for the idea that I have of democracy and politics that at no time will I give in.

“It’s especially a shame for the monkeys.” Do you still regret this sentence which hurt some people?

To be very honest, it’s starting to do well. It’s been months since I explained and re-explained things on this subject, that no one can suspect that I could have said something that was homophobic. Everyone knows what my commitments are on essential subjects which are those of respect for each and everyone. And these trials, these inquisitions led by the extreme left, it’s unbearable, I can’t stand it anymore. See how Madame Rousseau, everywhere, accuses each other of being women and men who do not respect the rules, who do not respect the country.

Let’s talk about the present. In front of you, in this election which will take place at the end of the year, two well-known personalities from the right Eric Ciotti, who is the favorite, and Bruno Retailleau. What fundamental differences do you have with them Aurélien Pradier?

First, their candidacies are surely quite close. They have a certain vision of our political family. I have another different one. I think it’s time to turn the pages. I think it’s time to let the Republican right breathe. We can’t play the matches of yesterday and the day before yesterday forever. I think that’s enough when you’re at such a point of political failure. The French right, it no longer speaks to anyone. The right I believe in is a popular right. It is a right which respects all work, which is firm on the application of the rules and which is also capable of telling all those who produce efforts. You will be rewarded.

The Tarnais Guilhem Carayon, president of the Young Republicans, is for Éric Ciotti. And he said this morning on France Bleu that the Republicans need a strong personality. If we go straight down rue Aurélien Pradier, do people really know you?

Maybe not. But you know, sometimes it’s better to be a little less well known and not be misunderstood. I am not afraid to defend convictions in which I believe. The Lotoises and the Lotois know me well, the inhabitants of Occitania too.

It’s not just the Lot that votes for this election and it probably goes well beyond that.

You are right. But you know, we cannot want political life to be renewed and consider that each time there is a new face that arrives, it does not have the trump cards.

It is beyond the head. Guillaume Carayon says that we must turn off the warm water tap and that we must stop trying to bring the right and the center together. Now is that what you want to do?

No sorry. But you did not quite understand the meaning of my candidacy. When I say that I want to support a popular right, I don’t care if I bring together the right, the center.

But you said just yesterday on France Inter that you called on all those who were not Republicans to join you? Who are you calling then?

I’ll try to finish my sentence, I’m sure you’ll understand it better. I tell you that what I believe in is a popular right. Me, I don’t care about the little hacks of the center, the right and I don’t know what. I was re-elected with 65% deputies in a land like the Lot, and I know that everyone was skeptical about my re-election. I have carried values, I have always been upright, I have a temperament, I have convictions. Me, I don’t believe in a right that is a sect. I do not believe in a right that is less than 5%. I believe in a republican right which is capable of speaking to all French people about all subjects and that is what is essential.

So it is sectarian this line embodied by Eric Ciotti and Bruno Retailleau?

No, I think we have to have a different vision of our country. I think that on important issues, especially those of safety, you have to be extremely firm. I say it again, but we have to talk about the environment. We need to talk about social mobility. We have to talk about education, about the overhaul of our school. Everything that concerns the French on a daily basis. And you know, me, I’m not afraid once again to defend things in which I believe. And in elections like this, you always have to be wary of surprises. I have often been elected and re-elected against all odds, I have no difficulty imagining that this time too, I could create a surprise.

Aurélien Pradié, you who take change, political courage, do you understand the socialist president of our region, Carole Delga, who goes it alone within the PS by refusing to work with the Nupes of Jean-Luc Mélenchon?

I will never work with extremes and I think that is a rule that we must apply. When you spent months defending the idea that you were a Republican, that you weren’t going to mingle with the pissed off on one side or the other, you don’t end up allying with them .

Do you understand the one you fought at the last Regionals?

No, but once again, if you let me finish my sentence, I assure you it will be much easier. I was simply trying to say that, after Carole Delga, for months, explained to us that she had nothing to do with Jean-Luc Mélenchon, to see her today trying to mess with him seems to me to be an inconsistency. Politics. In politics, it is important to defend convictions from start to finish, to be straight in the ideas that we carry, in the values ​​that we defend. This is what I will try to do, as I have always done.

Among the declared candidateswe find the deputy of the 1st constituency of the Alpes-Maritimes Eric Ciottithe president of the LR group in the Senate Bruno Retailleau, the mayor of Orléans Serge Grouard and the mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône Gilles Platret. There is less than a month left to apply. Electronic voting will take place in December.