Energy renovation: Mancelle d'habitation calls on La Poste

Energy renovation: Mancelle d’habitation calls on La Poste

Posted on September 13, 2022

In Sarthe, the social landlord Mancelle d’habitation calls on the La Poste group to enhance its insulation operation for its housing located in Coulaines, via its subsidiary Economie d’Énergie (EDE), an expert in the valuation of energy saving certificates. Energy.

Economie d’Énergie (EDE), a subsidiary of the La Poste group since 2019, is an expert in the promotion of Energy Saving Certificates (CEE). It offers specialized support for the analysis of projects and their eligibility for the system, for the constitution of files and the compliance of documents, or for the valuation of CEEs via the payment of a controlled bonus on a fluctuating market.

Our subsidiary is a delegate of obligations which brings together supply and demand: those who do the work and those who will finance the certificates. Our strength lies in the territorial network of La Poste associated with the expertise of the subsidiary. Financial records generally span several months with significant amounts. Faced with the speculative CEE market, it is reassuring to rely on a group like La Poste which secures flows and provides transparency and visibility.

Helen Bansard

New services solution development manager at La Poste

The CEE system is an incentive instrument for energy renovation in France“explains Hélène Bansard, New Services Solutions Development Manager at La Poste.”The State asks the energy suppliers, called the obligated, to participate financially in the energy renovation work carried out by individuals, companies or public establishments. In place since 2006, the system defines the technical conditions to be complied with via standardized sheets which govern the compliance of the works and the expected energy performance. Suppliers then redeem these certificates generated by EDE’s valuation work“.

Nearly 1,000 homes affected

The subsidiary has already supported more than 1.3 million euros in energy efficiency work. In Sarthe, the social landlord Mancelle d’habitation calls on the La Poste group to promote its thermal insulation of its accommodation located in Coulaines. Tenants are winners: their homes consume less energy.

Our concern is the well-being of the tenants. To offer the same level of quality of service throughout our fleet, we have initiated a rehabilitation plan for our housing“explains Alexis Masson, in charge of land affairs and markets at Mancelle d’habitation.The objective is for us to accompany the tenant in his residential journey. By insulating the hot water and heating pipes, we hope to save around 15% on our tenants’ energy bills. Nearly 1,000 homes in Coulaines are affected by this insulation operation, which is eligible for the energy savings certificate system“. For the manager of low-cost housing, part of the work undertaken is financed by the premium recovered via the recovery of energy certificates. Finally, the obligated have a volume of CEE to buy. A project qualified as “win-win-win”.

The first contacts with La Poste and its subsidiary happened naturally: we spoke the same language and we had the same vision of things. I had several interlocutors: each intervened according to his area of ​​expertise. Having the right contact for our needs was important to us.

Alexis Masson

In charge of land affairs and markets at Mancelle d’habitation

Mancelle d’habitation has a park of approximately 6,500 housing units : 2/3 collective, 1/3 individual.
More than 300,000 individuals and more than 80 social landlords are supported by Économie d’Énergie (EDE), a subsidiary of La Poste.