Des médicaments en vente libre inutiles, inefficaces et dangereux !

Useless, ineffective and dangerous over-the-counter drugs!

Ineffective », « dangerous “, presenting too many side effects: here are the not very glorious results of a survey of 60 Million consumers on food supplements and medicines sold without a prescription.

Medicines and dietary supplements to forbid »

Colds, sore throats, bouts of fatigue… To treat these minor ailments, most French people go to their pharmacy without going through the doctor’s box. They then buy medicines or food supplements there. Remedies that are not harmless and whose magazine 60 Million consumers assessed efficacy and side effects in an investigation published in its October special issue.

Results of the survey: of the 132 products sold in self-service in pharmacies ” the most popular on the market » – 60 drugs and 72 dietary supplements – scrutinized by 60 Million consumers, less than 15% are To advice “. Worse, 35 are “ to forbid “.

The risk-benefit balance of these remedies would be disproportionate. Therefore, the magazine calls for stricter regulations with clearer instructions, including mention of side effectsin particular on the plants and essential oils that these products contain.

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Ineffective », « dangerous or having too many side effects

Among these particularly popular sold products, 60 Million consumers pinned ibuprofen and paracetamol (Doliprane, Dafalgan). These are certainly effective but can cause serious damage to the liver in the event of an overdose.

Regarding cough and sore throat medicines (Bronchokod or Drill), the magazine recalls their many side effects: dizziness, convulsions, hives and breathing difficulties. Of the 12 products tested, none proved effective on sore throats and they were all rated “red”.

Paracetamol and ibuprofen: beware of overdose © Elena Chevalier – Shutterstock

As for drugs against allergies (Humex Allergy, Polaramine) they would contain allergenic substances. Finally, the investigation reveals that food supplements for children are ” all the more useless as deficiencies are rare at this age of life “.

Banner illustration: Self-service products that are popular in pharmacies are dangerous © MikeDotta – Shutterstock

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