she shows her son's first steps

she shows her son’s first steps

Not long ago, Stéphanie Durant unveiled a video of her son’s first steps on Instagram, and the least we can say is that the Web is completely under the spell. We tell you everything!

Stéphanie Durant at worst because of her body

Since giving birth, Stéphanie Durant has openly confided in her weight gain. At worst, the young woman had delivered shortly after her return from vacation in the Seychelles on her complexes, but especially on her diet that she had trouble following.

“This week in the Seychelles, well, it was a little complicated to eat well (…) I’ll tell you the truth, in the Seychelles I wasn’t super comfortable in a bathing suit. Besides, I didn’t take any photos in a bathing suit because well, I didn’t feel well, I don’t want to feel bad all summer. So here it is, my goal is Mykonos, I still have let’s say a month and a half ahead of me so here it is. Afterwards, I won’t have the body I want exactly, you never have the body you want exactly anyway. But here, it’s true that there I want to give myself the means, and here, and to re-motivate myself to that. Afterwards in any case I had lost, I was very happy, it’s just these short weeks that give me a little break, but otherwise I had a good diet, I was doing my sport… ”

But if Stéphanie is very close to her community, she does not hesitate to confide in her complexes and her body. During a question and answer session on Instagram, a user asked the question: “ Do you feel good about your body? “The one who was cold with Jessica Thivenin does not hesitate to answer in all honesty, and she made a radical decision for her return to Dubai:” The question. Right now I’m not going to lie, but not too much. I’m going to talk about it every time but yes it’s complicated. I was in a good mood, and then we returned to France, and suddenly it was more complicated. So I haven’t gained weight since we got back, but I still wanted to lose my pregnancy pounds a little when we got back from Dubai… But summer in France is too complicated, so I’m limiting it the damage and I enjoy the aperitifs, evenings… But when we get back I plan to get back to it! And find my line before pregnancy! »

Stéphanie Durant: she shows the first steps of her son

Stephanie Durant reveals her son’s first steps

And not long ago, the young mother was talked about, but this time it’s not about her body or her complexes, but rather about her son. Since her pregnancy and childbirth, Stéphanie has been very transparent about her daily life and the moments spent with her son. And it is in an adorable video that Stéphanie has decided to share a very special moment in the life of her son: his first steps. We can see in the video the young boy walking somehow to reach his mother who wears her best smile.

Proud of her son, Stéphanie then shared the video on Instagram, and accompanied the images with a touching caption: “And then suddenly you became a little boy.. 💙 Your first steps 🥺🥺 Mom & Dad are so proud of you 🧡”

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