Moments of rest, the priority of the French for the start of the school year

Moments of rest, the priority of the French for the start of the school year

If there is a good habit that the French want to bring back from their holidays, it is the moments of disconnection and rest. And more precisely: rest for the simple pleasure of resting, as revealed by a survey conducted by OpinionWay for the bedding brand Tediber. The results show that the respondents even make it a priority for the start of the 2022 school year, after having collected their feelings on this subject at the time of the recovery for young and old. Thus, if at the end of the summer, 52% of French people feel that they have not disconnected enough in terms of letting go or restorative sleep, 76% of French people will try to preserve moments of calm, relaxation and disconnection, like those practiced during the summer when the start of the new school year marks for many the return of stress after a generally calmer summer period. In addition, for almost all of the French respondents (93%), taking time to rest is an attitude full of common sense today.

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We very often talk about sleep as a time needed to perform the next day, so with a vision that is ultimately very functional. “, explains to Female version Aude Du Colombier, co-founder of Tediber. ” We launched this study because we claimed to have, at the time of this period which follows the summer break, the vision of the French on what rest constitutes for them. What is very interesting, and goes against the current of this very general discourse on sleep, is that a large majority of them share a hedonistic conception of sleep and that 67% of respondents consider that the fact of to rest, to sleep, is a pleasure in itself. Indeed, for 67% of respondents, rest is an activity that does not require any other purpose. Whether it’s a nap, a good night’s sleep, or a moment of break in the day, a large majority of French people consider these moments as moments of pleasure, and not as a way of being. more productive later.

Moments of calm and rest full of common sense… sometimes guilt-ridden

Proof that this is a real aspiration for them, 91% of respondents think that taking time to rest is essential to their balance and makes them feel good. For Aude Du Colombier, this idea ” corresponds to a model that favors taking the time and values ​​simple and essential things. This result is all the more interesting as we are in a period of anxiety-provoking news, which is why the French see sleep as a bubble to which to cling to in order to do good. The survey reveals, however, that 55% of French people believe that taking time to rest is sometimes guilt-inducing. Why is that ? ” This feeling may be more present in women with regard to the mental workload, but it is above all the symptom of a society in which we have the feeling that we must always be efficient and that rest is almost a waste of time, whereas we are all convinced that we need it. she notes.

A contradictory vision therefore, but which does not prevent 47% of respondents from wanting to preserve these moments of break, and in particular to establish cuts during their working day. And although they do not all have the reflex to grant themselves these moments of relaxation, 84% of those questioned think that this reflex can be learned. The proof, “ at the time of the first waves of COVID and health restrictions, people equipped themselves more with bedding products and they were able to realize how important and essential sleeping and rest is. A fact that we can tend to forget when we are back in the frenzy of everyday life. concludes Aude Du Colombier. This reminds us of the importance of a good daily sleep routine, simpler than it seems to apply: regular bedtimes and wake-up times even on weekends, not too many stimulants during the day, eat lighter in the evening, and above all a “digital break” in the hour before, without forgetting to renew your bedding at least every ten years.