Here are the 10 sports that will make you burn the most energy and lose calories

In order to compensate (or not) for the aperitifs and ice creams of the summer, for some the return to school is synonymous with sport, fitness, or rather the resumption of a healthier lifestyle. But it’s out of the question to refuse a drink when leaving the office or a pizza before a Champions League match. Here are the ten sports that will raise your heart rate according to Mayo Clinic, an American university hospital and research federation.

10th place: rollerblading

In addition to being trendy, it allows you to move easily and quickly and solicits the whole body. Thighs, calves, quadriceps, buttocks, cardio, all answer the call. And for lovers of “thrilling” sensations, rollerblading seems to be the ideal sport.

High intensity sport, it will satisfy the needs of the most hyper-active as well as the most competitive. Or how to link business with pleasure.

8th place: rugby

For lovers of the oval ball, this sport represents above all real values ​​such as respect, solidarity and sharing. Besides that, it is also very good for health. Between races, accelerations, and throws, rugby is tactical and cardiac. A very complete sport, perfect for building muscle mass.

7th place: tennis

With its powerful backhands and the many supports it solicits from all four corners of the court, tennis appears to be a perfect sport for exercising, refining and having fun.

6th place: running at 8km/h

Yes, running speed matters. The faster you go, the more your body expends energy and the more the results are present. Opting for a 30-minute to 1-hour jog on Saturday morning seems like a sporting habit that your body will thank you for adding to your daily routine.

5th place: the stair race

Climbing, descending, ascending, descending, and all that at high speed can make the cardio skyrocket very quickly. It stings, that’s for sure, but a feeling of well-being is guaranteed at the end (and some aches too, we’re not going to lie to each other). Intense and effective, the stair run delights the most masochist physical exercise.

4th place: swimming

We have often heard that swimming has many benefits. It’s true. It tones, muscles, refines, and also solicits the whole body. Arms, abs, legs, buttocks, nothing is left on the side, everything goes.

3th Place: Taekwondo

Want to let off steam? Betting on combat sports is the perfect alternative. With his repeated kicks and punches, the muscles are boiling for optimal energy expenditure.

2th place: the jump rope

It is the essential sports accessory to have. Very light and convenient to carry, any place you are in can turn into a gym. In addition to these many benefits, jumping rope contributes to a toned silhouette and cardio in great shape.

1st place: running at 12.8km/h

This is running at an accelerated pace. Jogging is very good, but to sharpen and improve, split sessions are also welcome. Alternating high intensity would then be THE solution for your body to eliminate as many toxins and calories as possible.


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