Une Foire populaire et fière de l

A popular Fair and proud of it

05:45 – September 13, 2022

The great novelty of this edition is the return of the demonstrators who take place in Hall 2. – © dr.

The Grande Halle d’Auvergne opens its doors to the Clermont-Cournon Fair and already promises a week full of emotions from September 10 to 18.

This 44e edition will take on the colors of Lisbon, with an immersive tour recreating the city’s must-see places and a gourmet hall.

This mix of culture, travel, shopping and entertainment has proven itself.

Stéphane Plaza, Clara Morgane, Jean-Pierre Mader and the stars of the 80s, the return of the demonstrators or the Collectif Métissé and Trois cafés gourmands groups, the Fair does not deny its popular roots, quite the contrary.


“We are a popular event and we have never really gone into this field because we had an exhibition around the trip declared Catherine Merlot, the director of the Fair. People expect this kind of animations to have fun. This has test value, everything is free in addition with entry to the Fair. The 80s set, there are only hits from those years. It’s nice to relive that. The Nicocapone duo is also very popular on social networks. »

With the price of an entry, you will be able to attend several high quality shows and fill up on emotions, laughter and sharing in this somewhat complicated period. Free for students and on certain days and for everyone, every day from 6 p.m. and Monday, September 12, the Fair participates in this need for social and economic ties.

Stéphane Plaza will even discover the “unexpected things in the habitat”.

“It’s a program of events within the event to find this clientele that had skipped over in 2021,” explains Catherine Merlot.

The great novelty of this edition is the return of the demonstrators who take place in Hall 2 and have been the DNA of the Fairs for decades.

Both a showcase and a pop-up store, the Clermont Expo Fair remains an unmissable and vital event for the territory, but also a great moment of conviviality for visitors.

And even…

“Do-It-Yourself” workshops: 100IDEES magazine offers discovery workshops for creative hobbies (embroidery, macrame, candles, dried flowers, etc.) on www.100idees.fr (workshops section). In Hall 2 Leisure, Well-being, Beauty, Fashion.

Space “Art and craftsmen in the making”: Led by the professional high schools Gergovie, Marie Laurencin and La Fayette. In Hall 2 Leisure, Well-being, Beauty, Fashion.

Learner hobbies: Always more cultural, sporting, fun and civic discoveries with workshops and activities offered for 4/12 year olds by clubs, federations and associations. In Hall 1.

Budding foodies: Animation labeled “Year of Gastronomy”. A “Kitchen” space for sharing and discussion dedicated to children and their families, around local seasonal products with the culinary actors of Puy-de-Dôme (producers, restaurateurs, food trades, communities, associations, local food…). In Hall 2, Salon Gourmand.


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