With the World Wellness Weekend, multiple free “wellness” activities from September 16 to 18

With the World Wellness Weekend, multiple free “wellness” activities from September 16 to 18

A weekend to find, rediscover the path to balance and well-being… what if an experience could lead to a new art of living better in your body and in your head? Since 2017, the Weekend Mondial du Bien-être / World Wellness Weekend has been an event that highlights the 3rd United Nations Sustainable Development Goal “Health and well-being for all” to initiate the greatest number of people, whatever their physical condition, and even those with disabilities, to best practices related to well-being and health prevention. And this through the five major pillars of well-being: Sleep & Creativity, Nutrition & Immunity, Movement & Vitality, Presence & Serenity, Meaning of life & Solidarity. This 6th edition will begin on Friday September 16 at sunrise and until sunset on Sunday September 18. In total, more than 4000 establishments in 140 countries will be geolocated on the “world map of well-being” so that everyone can find professionals, well-being activities and free group lessons near their homes.

To find your way around, nothing could be simpler, just select a family of activities from those offered on the site (Sports/Fitness, Yoga, outdoor activities, beauty/massage, aquatic activities, sauna/hammam, health at the natural), to provide information on the new page for your city in the associated search bar and then to register directly with the establishments, by email or via the contact form to participate. There are thus no less than 170 different activities offered throughout France for this well-being weekend. This edition also takes on a very special symbolism by choosing to place solidarity at the forefront, and the need to “live well together” in these times of conflict. “ We encourage millions of wellness seekers to team up with a friend (“Wellness Buddy”), family or co-workers to set a specific goal to “get fitter.” together” and, once this objective has been achieved, to transform the kilometers of their pedometer into financial support to support the association of their choice. “say the organizers of the event.

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Regular physical activity is a guarantee of good physical condition, knowing that even before the Covid-19 epidemic, the health problems linked to an unhealthy lifestyle were already well known: insomnia, obesity, diabetes, poor health mental… If they have not disappeared, healthier lifestyle choices could nevertheless save millions of lives each year according to the WHO. In 2019, the Global Wellness Weekend had reached an audience of 224 million people in 98 countries. In 2020, even in the midst of a pandemic, this celebration continued to grow in 109 countries and 524 cities. “ Well-being is not just a decision to improve your health, vitality and serenity. It’s an act of influence to inspire those around us to become the best version of themselves. “, notes Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder of the World Wellness Weekend. ” Wellness is a map that shows where we come from, where we are and where we are going. Our actions today can balance the past, enrich the present and extend the future. It’s up to us to use this card wisely. “, he concludes.


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