Pharmazon launches an offer for Works Councils to fight against the high cost of living » PACA’s economic and political letter

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Companies have decided to fight against the galloping inflation suffered by the French, by offering the offer built by

Employees benefit from a reduction code, the amount of which is discussed with the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) of the partner companies.

A first in the parapharmacy sector

An offer on parapharmacy and daily hygiene products had never been proposed by the Social and Economic Committee (CSE). With this offer created by, employees benefit from a reduction code, the amount of which is discussed with the CSE of the partner companies. via French pharmacies registered on the site, pay the first level of reduction (5 to 10€ on all purchases depending on the amount of the order) and the company adhering to the offer via its CSE , can choose to supplement this percentage to contribute to the purchasing power of their employees. Beyond purchasing power, it’s a return to basics. Companies and their employees will contribute with each purchase on to their local economy by supporting a local pharmacy.

An unprecedented CSE offer, on a website with a unique and responsible concept

For Audrey Lecoq, Founder of Pharmazon “The works council offer must evolve taking into account the economic context. First created for culture and leisure, it will now play an essential role in everyday savings. I am honored by the massive membership of CSEs from LVMH, CDISCOUNT, ORPEA and all the others. Today it’s €5 or €10 but tomorrow the volume will undoubtedly allow us to increase this discount! We started presenting this offer at the beginning of September and there are already more than 100,000 employees who can take advantage of the reduction while making a committed purchase. As a business manager, I am delighted to see that the CSEs have an essential role for employees but also to support societal missions! »

The genesis of the Pharmazon offer for Works Councils the site of French pharmacies denounced last August the impact of price increases of laboratories on everyday products.

“Despite our action, few details were provided by the laboratories, only the Menarini laboratory producing Novalac milks to justify its increase”, protests Audrey Lecoq.

“For the others, silence… and it is more than 80% of these 320 partner laboratories who passed a price increase between July 1 and October 1 without explanation other than the economic situation”, she adds. has therefore taken matters into its own hands to participate in the purchasing power of consumers.

Fighting to maintain French pharmacies: Pharmazon’s leitmotif

Known for its actions undertaken with the pharmacist, Pharmazon began in 2015. Created by Audrey Lecoq, the company was initially designed to support the pharmacist in these purchases, by providing them with a stock of thousands of references and laboratories, whose prices have been negotiated. The company stocks non-reimbursed non-reimbursed (OTC – Over The Counter) parapharmacy products for pharmacies, more than 2,000 pharmacies get their supplies from Pharmazon, more than 600 orders are prepared daily.
Then in September 2021 Pharmazon opens its site for consumers. In 1 year the site has quickly found its place, the solidarity and responsible ordering method has won over the general public, it has even been rewarded twice.
The individual can order all the beauty and parapharmacy products he needs by choosing the pharmacy to which he wants to pay 100% of the amount of his order and regardless of the delivery method chosen, the pharmacy will always receive the transaction. Delivery is free in pharmacies or free of 45€ of purchases at home or at a relay point.
While the pharmacist exercises his role as a health actor at the counter of his pharmacy, Pharmazon is responsible for shipping the order from its stock where the thousands of references are held.
The relationship between the patient and his pharmacist is therefore not ruled out, but simply adapted to new, more digital modes of consumption.

Pharmazon, a company created in Orléans (Loiret) in 2015, negotiates, buys and stores for pharmacies more than 15,000 references – i.e. just over 250 suppliers – of non-reimbursable medicines, parapharmacy products, hygiene and beauty, food supplements, devices medical and veterinary products. Pharmazon was created in 2015, by Audrey Lecoq, with a simple and revolutionary idea for the pharmacy distribution circuit: manage the supply of pharmacies via a website reserved for its pharmacist members combining all the codes of e-commerce for individuals. . The entry into its capital in 2019 of Cegedim, a major player in the field of health, allows Pharmazon to continue its growth, in particular by supporting its members in the development of online sales by opening its platform to the general public.


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