know everything before installing it

know everything before installing it

The new version of watchOS is coming, here is everything you need to know about the new Apple Watch update.

Sleep tracking on watchOS 9 // Source: Apple

Announced at WWDC 2022 last June, the update to watchOS 9 is coming to the Apple Watch. Here’s everything you need to know about this update. Obviously, we strongly advise you to update, if only for the security of your connected watch.

What time and date to update?

As specified during the conference last June, the update to watchOS 9 is expected at the same time as iOS 16, the Monday, September 12, 2022. Traditionally, Apple product updates are available at 7 p.m. Paris time.

Be careful though: the servers are often saturated at the exact hour of the update. If you are having difficulty or delays downloading your update, we recommend that you try again later.

Which Apple Watches are compatible with watchOS 9?

Here is the list of Apple Watch compatible with watchOS 9:

Note also that for this version to work, you will need an iPhone 8 (or later) running iOS 16 (or later).

How to install watchOS 9?

To install watchOS 9, there are two solutions: either from an iPhone or directly from the Apple Watch. Anyway, an iPhone will still be necessary during the manipulation.

The simplest is to launch the Watch app on your iPhonethen choose ” Software update “ from the section ” General“. When an update is available, you may see the option ” Download and install “.

In case of difficulty, go to our file dedicated to updating watchOS on an Apple Watch.

What’s new in watchOS 9?

Energy saving mode

One of the most awaited features by Apple Watch users is the power saving mode. This should make it possible to considerably extend the autonomy of Apple’s connected watches. Unveiled at the same time as the Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra and SE (2022), this new mode will allow you to keep the main functions of the watch (counting the number of steps, manual recording of activities or detection of falls).

Nevertheless, in order to extend the autonomy from 24 to 36 hours (36 to 60 hours on the Ultra model), this mode of watchOS 9 will remove the automatic detection of activities, the continuous monitoring of the heart rate or the screenalways on. Be careful, however, the Apple Watch Series 4 and SE will not benefit from all the benefits of this new mode, the two watches not benefiting, by default, from a screen capable of remaining permanently on.

Complete sleep tracking

The Apple Watch’s sleep tracking was pretty sparse. With watchOS 9, the connected watch from Apple gains in usefulness thanks to new information, and in particular monitoring of sleep cycles (wakefulness, REM, deep sleep, etc.).

From the Health application, you will find a lot of health data concerning your nights.

Treatment reminders

Thanks to the Treatments application, you can keep an eye on your intake of medication, vitamins or dietary supplements directly from your wrist.

WWDC 2022 –  June 6 _ Apple 55-8 screenshot
The Apple Watch becomes a reminder for your medication // Source: Apple

Contraceptive pill, antidepressant, cardiovascular treatment? Never miss your scheduled treatments again.

More accurate data

Counting the number of steps you take with our arm swings is imprecise. Apple has therefore improved its measures by adding a good dose ofmachine learningto watchOS 9 in order to better understand the vertical oscillations of the arm, but also the rotations of the torso.

Overall, the data is also more technical during an exercise, displaying for example the length of a stride, the time of contact with the ground, etc.

Heart rate zones

To assess the intensity of your efforts and improve your performance, it is important to know your heart rate zones. By working on them, you will maximize your results.

With watchOS 9, you can automatically calculate your different heart rate zones using your health data or enter them manually. Then, they will remain accessible at a glance during your training.

Better managed notifications

Notifications now know how to be more discreet and appear in the form of a simple banner if you are already using your Apple Watch. In addition, notification maps can overlap.

New watch faces

As always, this watchOS update comes with new watch faces. Four new dials are therefore available:

  • A world globe displaying the sun’s illumination in real time;
  • A lunar calendar;
  • Play Time (animated numbers);
  • Metropolitan: a typeface that reacts to the movements of theDigital Crown.

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