Sognu: a well-being course in Roya for job seekers

Sognu: a well-being course in Roya for job seekers

Sknown, in the old dialects of Roya, it is the dream. Declined in the present, it is a well-being course, mainly intended for job seekers in the valley, which will begin on September 30. To help plan. “We realized that after the storm, many of them were in a state of shock, preventing them from returning to work.recently explained Jeanine Bruzzisi, director of Pôle emploi Menton. This is why we asked an association to think about alternative care, in order to work on these brakes which prevent workers from returning to work. The association in question? Passerelle, a collective of therapists set up after the climate bombardment. With a simple objective: to offer care to the inhabitants to help them get better.

Registrations in Breil on the 12th

“Pôle emploi Menton had started a process to respond to a call for projects from the PRIC (Regional Skills Investment Pact). The idea came to turn to the collective, which Pôle emploi went to look for. The director and the regional delegate really wanted to do something after the storm. Passerelle and they immediately hooked up. And I was asked to coordinate”, underlines Aveline Carmoi, associate employee within the Mosaïque business and entrepreneur cooperative. Noting that nine therapists will officiate for Sognu; seven from Roya and two from Bévéra. Diane Dotti, Magali Munch, Sonia Klein, Jean-Michel Diesnis, Nadia Erraja, Clarisse Bachellier, Eloïse Poupard, Hélène Goubin, Marie Jousse.

Beneficiaries of the program will have to participate in one or two treatments per week – with the commitment to be diligent – ​​for a maximum of eight months. Massage, sophrology, coaching, theatrical expression, naturopathy, makeover hairstyle, NLP, Qi Gong, sound therapy…

“Forty people will be selected. An additional list will be compiled for people whose work is difficult – caregivers and others – so that they can benefit from the care that will be canceled for one reason or another”, explains Aveline Carmoi. Before adding that some care will be collective, others individual. And that it will be necessary, ideally, to do them all.

“They allow work on self-esteem, confidence, the image that we send back. We are convinced that well-being is a prerequisite for any job search or creation of activity.” In this sense, the Sognu project is a first, as much as an experiment. “The PRIC, which grants, asks for a report at the end. We count on the beneficiaries to provide feedback – on the understanding that everything will be anonymized.” If the course is a success, and if the link between well-being and employability becomes clear to decision-makers, the initiative could develop.

Looking for generous donors

Registrations continue physically on September 12, place Biancheri, in Breil, during the Place de l’emploi. Tables will be set up so that the candidates can discuss with the therapists. And complete a motivation questionnaire. “The selection will be made on September 13. The criteria have been established by the funder: parity as much as possible, a focus on people who do not have the baccalaureate…” Even if in the valley, the potential candidates seem more often to be people with a diploma, but occupying a precarious job.

“In a more subjective way, the choice will be made according to the urgency: we will prioritize the most in difficulty on a personal and professional level”, slides the coordinator. Aware that well over 40 people will benefit from it, places intended to become available as beneficiaries find employment or training. “We have 20% left to finance and we are looking for generous donors to go all the way. In order to get back on track as much as possible.”

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