Food for dogs and cats from the veterinarian

La nourriture pour chiens et chats du vétérinaire

Dogs and cats need a healthy diet adapted to their needs to develop in the best conditions. Food is indeed very important for the health of these pets. It is therefore necessary to make the right choice in terms of pet food.

But among the wide range of food available on the market, it is very difficult to find your way around. Here is everything you need to know to best feed your doggies according to veterinary advice.

The different types of food for dogs and cats

Feeding their animals with the most appropriate foods for their health is the will of all dog and cat owners. For this, it is necessary to know the different types of existing food. Foods fall into three main categories:

  • industrial food;
  • household food;
  • dietary food.

Industrial food for dogs and cats concerns kibbles, flakes, pâtés, dried pâtés and many others. This is the type of food most often used for pets. Its success is mainly due to its wide availability on the market. This food is very appetizing for the animals.

As for household food, it is food specially prepared for dogs and cats at home. It is made from natural ingredients. But it is not often recommended because it is carried out without really knowing the necessary doses for each element.

Furthermore, depending on their state of health, the animals may need special so-called dietary food. Depending on the prescriptions of a veterinarian, dietetic food can be given to dogs and cats.

Quality of ingredients for dogs and cats

The health of animals depends on the food they eat. It must be well adapted to ensure their growth. In general, dog and cat foods fall into two main categories: standard and premium foods.

What you need to know about standard and premium foods

As for standard food, it is sold in supermarkets or in garden centres. As for premium food, it is often found in veterinary clinics or on sites dedicated to this purpose. Standard food preparation is detrimental to the quality of the processes used.
Premium references, on the other hand, are highly qualitative. In terms of quality of composition, premium foods are made with very good quality ingredients. These foods are enriched with nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and have a high level of animal protein. The premium food is developed by veterinary nutritionists, which gives it the quality of the ingredients used.

What should quality dog ​​and cat food contain?

Quality foods should be rich in good quality protein as well as vitamins. The nutrients useful for their preparation are found in fish, meat and vegetables.

Regarding cereals, their presence in food does not give them a good reputation. This is why it is advisable to opt for a diet that does not contain it. Indeed, unlike proteins, cereals are not part of the original diet of pets. Better to avoid them to take good care of them.

Veterinary food for dogs and cats

Veterinary food has a special composition unlike other types of food. It is beneficial against certain pathologies and is often an integral part of treatment. For example, it supports the proper functioning of organs, liquefies urinary stones and many others in dogs and cats. Veterinary food can also help diagnose food allergies in your pet.

In reality, during his life, your companion may have health concerns. The use of veterinary food is then essential. Its main interest is to help animals on a daily basis through balanced and appropriate food according to their needs. Each reference of this food contains specific and adapted ingredients. These allow you to best help your pet to fight its health problems.

Trust Science Diet to find the best pet food

Because your pets deserve the best, Science Diet dog and cat food for veterinarians. The foods of this brand are developed in the United States with very good quality natural ingredients. The proteins, minerals, amino acids and vitamins in their products provide clinically proven antioxidant benefits.

Science Diet dog and cat foods are free of artificial flavors and colors. These foods are based on biology and anticipate the needs of animals. They help you ensure the well-being of your companions.

Ultimately, let’s remember that Science Diet pet food is ideal for your doggies. It is balanced in nutrients for each life stage of dogs and cats.


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