Lait infantile : Les prix s’envolent dans les pharmacies

Prices are soaring in pharmacies

The inflation that is invading the whole world concerns all basic necessities, the reasons for which are known, medicines have not been spared. In fact, in Europe, the prices of drugs have increased, as have foodstuffs and fuel. Fortunately, in Morocco, drug prices have not succumbed to this upward trend. Conversely, the supervisory ministry has revised several drugs downwards. Apart from the prices of infant milk, which have risen significantly, not only in Morocco but around the world.

In the United States, for example, in addition to the rise in the price of infant milk, a shortage has ravaged the country, thus causing a crisis in the country. To cope with the shortage, most large shopping centers have limited the number of boxes of infant milk sold per customer. In the hope of being able to keep some control over their stock.

In France, infant milk, cleansing water, washing cream, food supplements… have all been affected by the price increase. Since the beginning of the summer, pharmaceutical companies have been announcing one after the other increases in their prices, which they justify by the geopolitical context and the economic situation, between inflation, soaring prices for energy, transport and raw material.

Infant milk in Morocco draws increases

In recent times, increases in infant milk prices have also been observed in Morocco. According to pharmacists, the increases are generally around 40% compared to usual. Except that you should know that infant milk is classified into three categories, that of the first age, second age and that of the third. The first is considered “medicine”, according to the legal framework put in place by the supervisory ministry, so any price increase requires the prior agreement of the ministry, explains a well-informed source.

However, the category of the second and third age, is considered as a food supplement, and it does not undergo the legal framework like the first. So the producer has all the authority to set the prices, without calling on the Ministry of Health.

The prices of infant milk, underlines our source, have been revised upwards twice in 2022, in particular last June by 21% and at the beginning of this month of September by 13%. The increases relate to the three aforementioned categories, says our interlocutor. The price of the first category, in particular that considered “medicine” has also increased, the source indicates that only the prices of the products of a multinational present in Morocco, have been revised upwards. And of course with the approval of the Ministry of Health.

According to our interlocutor, the increase was granted to this company, to avoid a shortage of stock in the market, which will then cause distress to the consumer. Adding that, the price increases have taken place, due to the drought, which has impacted milk production in several countries, which has caused a near shortage of raw material in the market.

Powdered infant milk is freeze-dried milk. When the availability of milk declines due to drought and harsh climatic factors, infant milk producers must reduce production and not keep the same production rate while agreeing to price increases, he analyzes .

The multinational present in Morocco, explains that the price of milk is fixed in Morocco only after having obtained confirmation from the authorities, and presented a file including the new prices of raw materials, packaging, transport and others.


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