What are the benefits of surfing on your body?

What are the benefits of surfing on your body?

A better cardiovascular system

Regular physical activity significantly reduces the risk of heart disease. Surfing is a sporting activity requiring great physical effort. Its practice makes it possible to increase the heart rate thanks to a sustained effort. Muscles are better oxygenated with a good supply of nutrients. The cardiovascular system then remains healthy, which allows you to have better breathing to do any type of intense activity.

A sport that strengthens the muscles

Surfing puts a lot of strain on our arms – we spend around 85% of our time rowing past the bar and back to the queue. The oar thus participates in the musculation of the arms as well as the bust. At the same time, the push-up movement to get up on the board presents itself as a way to train. The search for balance on the board makes it possible to work the muscles of the abdominal belt and those of the back. In a standing position, the legs are greatly solicited. Surfing mobilizes the whole body and is one of the sports that strengthen the majority of our muscles.

An exercise to burn calories

Like climbing, fitness and jogging, surfing burns a large amount of calories. Health experts categorize it as “vigorous” exercise. Studies have also shown that exercise is low impact and much better for the knees and hips than certain exercises such as running.

Helps improve flexibility and balance

The goal of surfing is to stay upright on the board for as long as possible while catching the waves. The search for coordination and balance is a challenge for all surfers. This leads to a better quality of life. According to many health experts, practicing the sport seems to improve balance, coordination and body control – which is not the case at all for active seniors who do not practice surfing.

When we surf, our whole body is solicited. We are thus led to turn it and twist it into different positions to let ourselves be tossed about by the power of the waves. All these movements and stretches allow our body to remain flexible. This has a positive impact on mobility by improving it significantly.

Effective remedy for stress

Like a good number of physical and sporting activities, surfing is one of those that promotes the secretion of endorphins. Thanks to this neurotransmitter, one can easily achieve a certain feeling of inner well-being. You clear your mind better by focusing on the moment – the fact is that you need to have total concentration. If you want to de-stress as quickly as possible, you can take your board and surf in the middle of the day to get away from daily routines and release all your stress to be more relaxed.

Improved sleep

When a sports exercise is well adapted while being practiced at the right time, it helps to sleep better. It is in this perspective that surfing fits in by offering more than beneficial effects, allowing you to fall asleep faster. However, for better results, it is important to exercise during the day rather than in the evening. Far from the concept of physical exercise attributed to it, surfing allows you to benefit from an excellent workout that promotes better, deep and restorative sleep.

Overcome your fears with surfing

An endurance sport, surfing requires short but powerful efforts. You have to go to the peak then pass the bar to fight against the currents. Then you have to position yourself correctly in order to catch the waves. Synchronizing all these steps requires appropriate effort. For good progress, you have to arm yourself with patience and perseverance while accepting failure. You have to show courage, to face your fears while pushing your limits in order to be able to ride the biggest waves. The many maneuvers performed allow you to manage your emotions to remain calm, regardless of the situation.



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