for Aymeric Caron, "there is no more debate, as for global warming"

for Aymeric Caron, “there is no more debate, as for global warming”

Do the French have to choose between “steak or planet”? The debate has inflamed the political class and social networks for several days. Green MP Sandrine Rousseau said the barbecue was a symbol of virility. His message was quite clear: let’s change mentalities, especially among men, let’s eat less meat to limit global warming.

For Aymeric Caron, guest of RTL on September 1, the question should not even arise. “I am a vegan and even an activist for the abolition of meat, in any case already for a drastic reduction in meat consumption, begins the related deputy Insoumis and president of the Ecological Revolution party for the living, spokesperson for the cause. Personally, indeed, I advocate the idea of ​​no longer eating it at all, but in fact, there is no debate. There is no more debate!

“It’s a bit like global warming, he analyzes. As if, today, we were having a debate: ‘global warming: reality or fantasy?’ We agree that, unless you’re a little conspiratorial, we know that global warming is a truthjust as we know today, from all the scientific public reports that have been published, that it would take drastically reduce our meat consumption for the good of the planet.”

“There is a study that was published a few months ago, which recommends reducing our meat consumption by 3/4 for the system to be acceptable to the planet. But this is something that has already been said, for example in the appeal of 15,000 scientists from 184 countries. You may remember, it was in 2007. Point 7 of the measures recommended to save the planet was: ‘promote a reorientation of the diet towards a food of essentially vegetable origin‘, recalls the parliamentarian. And then there is the IPCC, several IPCC reports tell us. In 2019, in 2022!

Livestock as a driver of biodiversity?

For Thierry Coste, the French lobbyist and political adviser to the National Federation of Hunters, the debate still exists. “There is a wonderful debate. If we only reduce, we still have the debate since we will always consume meat … and that’s good, he says on RTL. I’m sorry, but livestock farming in our country in particular, and I’m not talking about intensive industrial farming, when done well, is a guarantor of biodiversity. We must not just transform the farts of cows with methane”.

“The reality is that when you want to make a product, it is better to have manure and then compost than put nothing. Vegetables don’t live on love and fresh water, and not even just water. So the reality is that, of course, we may be consuming too much meat today (…) but when farming is family-run, when it’s done well, it’s a guarantor of the defense of our campaigns. He is a guarantor of biodiversity and there is no problem.”

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