5 back-to-school wellness books

5 back-to-school wellness books

Finding your raison d’être when you don’t fit into William Réjault’s boxes

What is your greatest talent? What are your dreams to accomplish urgently? What do you love to do professionally? And personally? All these questions are among the 30 steps that William Réjault offers us towards a certain idea of ​​well-being. In Find your reason for being when you don’t fit into the boxesthe teacher and couple therapist draws on his personal experience and develops 30 questions, in order to find oneself when one feels lost. and in his life. Based on a questionnaire by researcher Martin Serralta, these 30 questions are as many ways to get to know yourself as to chart a clearer course in your life. And for a good return, it’s priceless!

Find your reason for being when you don’t fit into the boxesWilliam Réjault, Leduc, August 2022

The Presence can be practiced by Élisabeth Marshall

Back to school is the moment when you realize that between yourself and the world, there is nothing. Just a presence to work day after day, in order to feel the best possible in your daily life. This is precisely what Elisabeth Marshall is proposing here. A journalist by trade, the author took it into her head to investigate the greatest professionals in the body. In this perspective, she immerses us in a journey through bodily practices such as yoga or meditation. To keep feet on the ground in a changing world, this is precisely what could come out of this book, which gives pride of place to the body, but also to spirituality. The Presence, it is practiced allows everyone to place themselves in thepresent timein order to put all the chances on his side so that the start of the school year goes as well as possible!

The Presence, it is practicedElisabeth Marshall, La Martinière, February 2022

The Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

Did you know that Denmark is recognized as the happiest country in the world? So who better than the director of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen to tell us about it? In this book, Meik Wiking reveals to us what seems to him to be the key to happiness Danish: hygge. A true art of living based on simplicity, conviviality, or well-being, hygge is a balanced mix between a certain vision of comfort, and a time to let your desires take over. What makes anyone want to to slow downeven the first days of the new school year!

The Book of HyggeMeik Wiking, translated by Marion McGuinness, Pocket, January 2019

Sophie Them’s Good Mood Class

5 great tips, like 5 keys to regaining the upper hand as soon as you recover. A stressful period par excellence, the start of the new school year is not always well experienced, even if it means plunging us into a bad state of mind. In The Good Mood ClassSophie Trem highlights the creative thinking and good humor, through 5 keys simple, effective, and supported by testimonials. A method which, for sure, will allow anyone to see the start of the new school year with a new eye, and in which everyone can find themselves.

The Good Mood ClassSophie Trem, I Read, March 2022

Don’t miss out on your life by Saverio Tomasella

September is one of those times of the year when we take stock, when we realize what we have accomplished, or what we have failed to put in place. For Saverio Tomasella, it’s the perfect time to understand what blocks us, what influences us negatively, what prevents us from feeling fully grounded. and in our life. Lack of time, injunctions, illness, so many points that could be worked on, in order to develop and maintain a vital energy radiant. From body to mind, Don’t miss out on your life (subtitle “It’s time to live well !”) offers concrete exercises and advice, so that the start of the school year is a moment of acceptance, truth, and promises!

Don’t miss out on your lifeSaverio Tomasella, I Read, September 2022



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