In Nogent-le-Rotrou, a dance teacher offers another way to relieve stress

À Nogent-le-Rotrou, une prof de danse propose une autre façon d

The experience is new, both for future practitioners and for the workshop leader. Professor of modern jazz for 20 years, Lydie Lobjois adds a string to her activity by offering a specialty which is an alloy of dance and postures flirting with sophrology. “But I don’t do therapy, it’s well-being dance”, specifies, from the outset, the one who intervenes within the Saint-Jean association, a century-old structure offering a multitude of disciplines in the fields of sport. , culture and leisure.

The winning return of the dance gala

“Listen to your body by evacuating its tensions”

Well-being dance is one of the great novelties of the new school year. Lydie Lobjois explains:

“Anyone can come, especially adults. Beyond dance through movements, my classes allow you to get to know yourself better, to listen to your body by evacuating its tensions. When it is difficult to put words to our ailments, it is possible to express them through the body. My lyrics and background music are also important. »

And Lydie Lobjois to insist on a benevolent approach. “These courses have no aesthetic value and will not lead to a show. There is no labor or physical difficulty. We’re just here to regain self-confidence. »

The idea came to him when he saw the excess anxiety and stress generated by an anxiety-provoking context since the pandemic. Its impact has left its mark, not to mention the stress of everyday life. “My lessons follow a dedicated training. It also brings me a lot in terms of spiritual enrichment. »

In the same register of well-being, Lydie Lobjois is also launching dance-carrying classes. Clearly, the mum (or dad!) performs movements while holding her baby in her arms, from 3 months old… until the age when he walks alone! The portage dance or the art of becoming one with your child. A rapprochement that contributes to personal development, whether big or small.

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Parent-child relationship

One of the attractions is to carry your child in a large stole-type scarf. The adult and the child link the steps, the movements which can become choreography. The exercise is a pretext for “a time shared with the baby and his mum or dad. One and the other are getting closer. It is an exercise recommended for mothers who want to resume physical activity after a birth. »

The formula is also available in a parent-child workshop (up to the age of 3). Here too, we share “a sensory and physical experience” which promotes self-confidence “and helps bring parents and their child closer together”.

Contact : Tel. Price of the courses: 171 € per year (+ 15 € the contribution.)

Appointment. With more than a century of existence (118 years), the Association Saint-Jean (ASJ) organizes open days on Friday 2 (from 3 to 7 p.m.) and Saturday 3 September (from 10 to 1 p.m.) , at 36, rue des Tanneurs. The ASJ will also be visible at the Forum des associations, at the Pierre-Mendès-France room and at the Théâtre de verdure, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Such.

Olivier Bohin



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